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Specializing in Pediatrics

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Services for Children, Parents and Families

BehaviorWise creates individualized strategies so that children with behavior issues can reach their full potential.

We work with both children and their parents to create and maintain healthy relationships. Fathers and mothers regain the feeling of satisfaction and joy from a renewed connection with their child.

BehaviorWise provides behavioral strategies, which can be utilized within the home, school and other settings. Our services are delivered at the BehaviorWise Practice "Playce" centrally located in Short Hills, New Jersey.

We also meet children and parents in their homes to develop new strategies for successfully handling daily activities and family interactions.

Following an assessment of your child, an individualized program is developed, including treatment goals and a behavior support plan. Goals focus on fostering positive and appropriate behaviors and generalizing these skills into your child's home and school environment.

Verbal behavior techniques are used to help children learn appropriate behaviors that raise their self-esteem and enable them to perform to the best of their abilities.