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Parent Advocacy Services

Ms. Mandel serves as an advocate to assists students and their parents in navigating the education system. This is often an important part of supporting students on their way to self-sufficiency and success. We advocate for each of our clients. An integral part of the advocate process is to communicate between the advocate, the student's family and school. Once the student's challenges and needs have been identified, contact with teachers and the student's case manager is often the key to improved academic performance.

Ms. Mandel helps students' and their parents understand their rights, negotiate services including the understanding of an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Ms. Mandel attends IEP meetings and child study team meetings to increase their understanding of the student's challenges and to help articulate what types of support the school needs to provide for the student. Over the past ten years, Ms. Mandel has worked with different school districts in Essex, Morris and Union counties.